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Student opportunities

Summer assistant position for Apr. 2022

One undergraduate research assistant is needed in summer 2022 to work on:(1) the monitoring of subsurface water flow processes and nutrient leaching in agricultural soils; and(2) the mapping and communication of hydrometeorological risks across the Lake Erie Basin

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Summer assistant position for Apr. 2021


One research assistant is needed to work on soil water dynamics, nutrient leaching, and soil-plant nutrient exchanges in Southern Ontario

You are an ideal candidate if you: * Are a student enrolled in SES, Geography, Biology or Civil Engineering* Enjoy being outdoors and do not mind getting wet and dirty* Are eager to learn about field data collection and data analysis techniques* Have taken at least one water-related or soils-related course* Have a full Ontario G driver’s license What the job will entail: * Working from late April to mid-August 2021* Juggling lab work and field work* Analyzing data (software-specific training will be provided) The experience you will gain includes: * Basic field and/or instrumental skills* Data-crunching skills, valued by environmental conservation employers and needed for grad school Number of positions to be filled: 1

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Funded PhD positions at the University of Guelph – Modelling water and nutrient connectivity

Dr. Genevieve Ali is seeking two (2) PhD students to work on the development of models targeting the prediction of water and nutrient connectivity in agro-forested landscapes. The models to be developed will build on traditional hydrologic modelling structures (e.g., grid-based models) as well as ecological models (e.g., agent-based models, graph and circuit theory models), and they will be validated against both ground-based data and remote sensing data.

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