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Our group at the 2016 CGU-CMOS meeting

Our group will be sharing findings about new research in surface and vadose zone hydrology, ecohydrohydrology and water water quality dynamics… with a strong focus on the Prairies. If you will be in Fredericton, NB between May 29 and June 2, 2016 for the 50th CMOS Congress & joint CGU Annual Meeting, come talk to us! List of presentations below:

Ali, G., Wilson, H., Penner, A., Ross, C., Rabie, M., Haque, Md. A., and Elliott, J. (INVITED). ‘Linking phosphorous export dynamics to landscape heterogeneity and climatic variability: can c-Q relations help?’

Haque, Md. A., Ali, G., Ross, C., Schmall, A., and Bansah, S. ‘Water storage dynamics in geographically isolated wetlands in the Prairie Pothole Region’.

Bansah, S., Ali, G., Haque, Md. A., Laing, J., and Schmall, A. ‘A quick evaluation of water isotopic signatures and water travel times in a cold Canadian Prairie watershed’.

Ross, C., Ali, G., Belanger, J., Schmall, A., Walker, M., and Laing, J. ‘Assessment of the relationship between near-surface soil moisture and runoff generation in a near-level Prairie watershed’.

Rabie, M., Ali, G., Spence, C., Schmall, A., Ross, C., Haque, Md. A., and Bansah, S. ‘Variability of water quality in space and time in a cold, mesoscale, heavily engineered Prairie watershed’.

Laing, J., Ali, G., Casson, N., Moore, D., Hanson, M., Belanger, J., Bansah, S., Walker, M., Blunden, L., and Ross, C. ‘Plant water usage in a Canadian Prairie context: Using stable water isotopes to identify uptake sources’.