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What does a summer job in hydrology entail? Meet Adrienne Schmall…


Don’t let the last name fool you… Ms. “Schmall” is already off to some very BIG things in academia and research! A Bachelor of Science student majoring in Geological Sciences, Adrienne joined the WSRP as Research Assistant in the field season of 2015 and she quickly made an impact. Motivated to find a working experience that combined both research and the opportunity to learn more about local water systems, Adrienne jumped on the opportunity to examine wetland-to-wetland connectivity on one hand, and water movement through soil profile and shale bedrock on another end. In addition to her contributions as a Research Assistant, Adrienne took part in the 68th Annual Canadian Water Resources Association Conference and represented the WSRP extremely well by winning the award for top poster over Masters and Doctoral students who had several years of research and conference experience compared to her 3 months on the job! In addition to learning various data analysis skills, Adrienne has become familiar with the use of different research instruments in her work, from water level recorders to automatic water samplers and soil moisture measuring probes. The opportunity to conduct fieldwork with other members of the group is Adrienne’s favorite part her job with the WSRP.

Interview done and profile written by Jonathon Belanger