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Papers not to miss at CGU/CSSS 2014!

If you will be in Banff, Alberta for the CGU/CSSS meeting in early May 2014, be sure to check out some of the presentations/posters by members of our group.


AM and PM – several of our posters will be on display, with the following first authors:
* Amber Penner: Investigating Spatiotemporal Changes in Water Quality across a Nested System of Intensively Managed Prairie Watersheds
* Erin Untereiner: Spatiotemporal Variability of Water Quality and Stable Water Isotopes in an Intensely Managed Prairie Watershed
* Shelby Perreault: Investigating the Potential of Electromagnetic Induction for Mapping Multi-Depth Soil Moisture Variations in Southern Manitoba
* Halya Petzold: Hydrologic Dynamics of a Large Prairie Watershed: Looking for Runoff Controls in an Engineered, Mixed Use Landscape
* Cody Ross: Comparison of Sampling Strategies for Water-Quality Research in Prairie Watersheds
* Lauren Timlick: Visualizing the Variability of Small Scale Subsurface Water Flow in the South Tobacco Creek Watershed

PM – Genevieve will give a talk on “Water-Table-Connectivity and Hydrologic Shifts in a Low-Gradient Prairie Watershed”.


Genevieve will be co-chairing a session entitled “Hot Spots and Hot Moments for Hydrobiogeochemical Processes in Forested and Agricultural Landscapes” along with Chris Spence and Helen Baulch.


Li Sheng, a collaborator from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, will be giving a talk entitled “A Case Study of Watershed Level Application of Soil Erosion Indicator Models at the South Tobacco Creek Watershed in Manitoba, Canada”. His talk will include results from a case study done last year by Carolyn Baldwin, Carolyn English and Genevieve.

In addition to those, be sure to attend a plenary lecture given by Dr. Chris Soulsby (Sunday evening) and the Woo lecture given by Dr. Doerthe Tetzlaff (Tuesday PM)!