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It is raining blue in Manitoba…

It is very exciting to simulate rainfall and follow the water through different soil and bedrock layers… especially when the water is blue! Lauren Timlick successfully led a rainfall simulation and dye tracing experiment in the Steppler Watershed (South-Central Manitoba) on June 25th, 2013.


Lauren’s summer project focuses on subsurface flow patterns, especially preferential flow pathways in clay-rich soil horizons and friable shale bedrock layers above the Manitoba escarpment. Thanks to a set-up including a constant-head rainfall simulator, brilliant blue dye, a continuously recording soil moisture profiler and a time-lapse camera, Lauren was able to capture significant spatial heterogeneity in vertical and lateral subsurface flow pathways. Lauren’s “smurf” look was a nice bonus that provided nourishing laughter throughout the experiment!

Lauren's smurf look